Roscato Rosso Dolce

Red Wine of the Month

This sweet Red Wine from Lombardy, Italy is a brilliant ruby red with intense aromas of wild berries. It is fresh, livelyfizzy, and delicately sweet.


On the palate, you notice bright acidity, with a charming balance, and moderate length. There is no doubt about it, this is a fun wine.


Whether you are a fan of sweet, rich, bold, or soft and silky wines Roscato has been a hit at every gathering I have offered it.  At a price point between $12.00 - $20.00 serving it at a gathering is appealing. My guests that don’t like Red Wine, like this. I have used it as an aperitif, only to have guests request it with their dinner as well. Give it a try, and let me know what you think.

Poet's Leap Riesling 2016

White Wine of the Month

This Washington Riesling will surprise you. This off-dry wine feels dry because of its exceptional acidity. It has an aroma of white peach and a bit of jasmine. Unlike most American Rieslings this has an appealing flavor of minerality like an old world Riesling. This is because Poet’s Leap Riesling is crafted by Armin Diel, proprietor of the renowned Schlossgut Diel, and inspired by the great wines of Germany. 


On the palate there is a distinct taste of apricot and melon.  “I love the honey and the light burst of acidity towards the finish” States  Faith Terrell, one of my guest tasters. I have to agree with her. The long lasting, well balanced finish is a delight. “I look forward to trying this with different foods,” Faith adds. Faith and I also enjoyed the complexity of this wine. At a price point around $20.00 this was quite the bargain.


Not all of us agreed. Dhana Krause, my other guest taster didn’t like it. Oddly enough she prefers white wines to Reds, and Faith usually prefers Reds. “It doesn’t taste like a Riesling to me.” Dhana states. “It isn’t light like the Rieslings I enjoy”. It is true that this Riesling may be more medium bodied than the Rieslings she is used to. We concluded that it is a White wine for Red wine drinkers. As for me, I enjoy wine of good quality regardless. This is clearly a good quality wine.

Gin & Tonic

Cocktail of the Month

The main flavoring in tonic water, a common cocktail mixer, is quinine. The original purpose for quinine was as a medicine used to ease the symptoms of malaria. How does a malaria drug end up as a major ingredient in several cocktails? Several English workers contracted malaria working on a contract project in India. To make the bitter-tasting medicine they were given more tolerable, they added gin, squeezed in some lime, and the gin and tonic was born! As Mary Poppins would say, “A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down!”


Gin originated in Holland, also for medicinal reasons. It was believed that juniper berries contained compounds that fought off the plague. The name gin comes from the Dutch word genever, which means juniper.  Juniper berries may be the source for the dominant flavor found in gin, but they are by no means the only botanical compounds used in its production. A wide variety of spices, roots, and seeds are used as ingredients in gin, from caraway to iris root. The complexity of top-quality gin is often determined by the variety and quality of these botanical compounds. 


“Gin and Tonic has been a favorite summer cocktail of mine for years,” States Jim Mongeau. “It’s refreshing, and the addition of lemon or lime adds a summer zing.”


Jims’ Recipe: Tanqueray-London dry


8oz. glass   1 shot Gin over ice

                    Remainder of glass with tonic                       water

                    Add fresh lemon or lime

Virgin Sunset 

Drink for Designated Drivers & Under 21

Growing up in Alaska, mid-winter Luau's were the go-to parties to beat the winter blues. But who wants to drink soda when wearing a fake grass skirt and jumping around to "Wipe Out?" Que the virgin drink mixes! The Virgin Sunset is a great substitute for an alcoholic drink. It's sweet and tart, colorful, and has enough sugar to keep the party going.  


So whether you're the designated driver, a non-alcohol drinker or under 21, this fruity tribute to summer is a fun choice. Garnish with your favorite fruit for that extra special summer feel. 


Ice Cubes

1/4 Cup Orange Juice 

1/4 Cup Pineapple Juice 

1/4 Cup Cranberry Juice 

1 Splash Grenadine Syrup 


Fill a glass with ice. Pour orange juice, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice over the ice and stir. Float a splash of grenadine syrup atop the mixture and serve.


Written by Nicole Bernier