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Watermelon Pucker

Cocktail of the Month: Rag Doll

Summer is drawing to a close, but there are plenty of hot days and warm nights to enjoy. Watermelon pucker is both refreshing and tart. Rag doll is a great way to enjoy this flavor as it bounces of the Cherry 7-Up and the vodka kicks up the bite. It's a great way to enjoy the end of summer.


  • 1/5 oz Vodka 

  • 2 oz Watermelon Pucker

  • 2 oz Cherry 7-Up


Mix Vodka and Watermelon Pucker then pour into a chilled glass with ice. Add Cherry 7-Up and garnish with a cherry. Mix and enjoy!

Watermelon Lemonade

Non-alcoholic Option 

Lemonade is the unofficial drink of summer, but we can all grow tired of the same old drink. Before summer comes to a close, let's try something new: Watermelon Lemonade! You're basically going to make an Arnold Palmer, but instead of ice tea, you'll add watermelon juice. For an extra special drink, use frozen watermelon balls instead of ice to keep your drink cool. This will prevent your lemonade from becoming watered down and you'll have a snack when your drink is done. 


  • Lemonade

  • Watermelon Juice 

  • Watermelon (to be balled and frozen - optional)


In a glass of your choosing, combine equal parts lemonade and watermelon juice. Add frozen watermelon balls or ice. Ready to serve! 


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