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2015 Elsa Bianchi Malbec Argentina 

Red wine of the Month

Oh, how I love Argentina Malbec! This 83 point, $10.00 value is no exception. Elsa comes from the Valentin Bianchi’s Dona Elsa estate in the cool reaches of San Rafael, in Mendoza. Rich fruit dominates the nose and palate, with an ever slight touch of French oak. It has a light herbal taste that I have come to expect and appreciate in Malbec. It is well balanced, with a nice finish, and reasonable length. This is my go to wine when I want a good red with a group of friends in the backyard. Happy spring gatherings! 

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Prophecy Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New Zealand 2019

White Wine of the Month

I think of Sauvignon Blanc as summer in a glass. This is a wine that was born in France, but really saw its rise come when it found a new home in New Zealand. Chances are most people you know who love Sauvignon Blanc love the New Zealand version. Like most Sauvignon Blanc it smells of fresh cut grass with a nice zippy acidity that is as refreshing as a glass of lemonade. If you are looking for a subtler wine, that isn’t as aggressive both in terms of acidity and grassy notes head to the Sancerre for the most refined version of the wine. If you find you enjoy Sauvignon Blanc your next stop on the white wine express could be fermenting or verdicchio from Italy or Toronto’s from Argentina.

This 2019 Prophecy from the Marlborough region has vibrant aromas of grapefruit, freshly cut grass, pineapple, with lemon-lime refreshment. Hailing from Marlborough region of New Zealand, which has become famous world wide for high-quality wine. prophecy Sauvignon Blanc should become your new go to from this region. It’s perfect for anyone who already loves this style and also fantastic for converting those who are new to the variety. This wine is great for hanging out at the pool, and it’s a great way to liven up your weeknights!


 Michelob Ultra Seltzer

Brew of the Month 

This is not exactly a beer, but we had to share it with you. From the end of March to the beginning of May, I was working in Vermont on the family farm. My cousin and I get together almost every night to unwind and have a glass of wine or beer. We were introduced to this Michelob Ultra and we were in love! 

Each of these hard seltzers are low in calories, taste great, are light, and refreshing. Cucumber Lime and citrus are the lightest on the pallet (for me anyway), while the spicy pineapple, peach pear, mango apricot, and mixed berry are stronger in flavor. 

Added bonus: the slimmer cans are great for coolers. These will be my drink of the summer. 


Jack Rose

Cocktail of the Month

I love the blooming flowers! After so much "blah" in the colors of winter, it's nice to have the bright pops of color. This cocktail, is a great addition to the spring colors. The apple brandy is warming (like the spring weather) but has a sweet side as well. The citrus and apple blend well together and help the drinker believe in the coming summer. Cheers! 


  • 1 cup ice

  • 2 oz applejack (apple brandy) 

  • 1 oz lemon juice 

  • .5 oz grenadine 


Add all ingredients to a shaker and vigorously shake. Strain into glass.



Mocktail of the Month

Recipe coming soon!