2016 Fog Bank Vineyards Pinot Noir

Red Wine of the Month 

Guest Taster: Kevin Bedford 

This central coast Pinot Noir, located in Monterey County,has the advantage of evening tides rolling in the fog. Pinot Noir grapes love this cooling of the vineyards, giving them ample time to develope complexity and balance. 

"To me, this wine has a distinct raspeberry aroma," Kevin states. "It has a nice balance and acidity, but is a bit heavier in body than I would have expected. It does have a nice finish and resonable length." 

Considering this is one of the least expensive wines in Monterey County (average $11), it's minor flaws can be overlooked. 

(Yes, the picture says "2015" but we are reviewing the 2016 wine. Sorry sor any confussion!)

Cheers! ​

Evolucio Furmint (Tokaj, Hungary)

White Wine of the Month

For most, the name "Tokaj" brings us to the fabulous elixir of the Takaj dessert wine, but the Tokaj region produces other wines as well. Don't let the unfamiliar name of Furmint turn you away from this delicious experience. If you have little to no experience with Hungarian wine, this is a good place to start. 

Furmint is  white Hungarian wine grape variety, used to produce single-varietal dry wines as well as being the principal grape in the beter known Tokaj dessert wines. This wine comes from 30-year-old Furmint vines grown on a mix of volcanic soils.

This wine features fresh pears and easy to drink tropical fruits, and a lovely floral aroma. The texture is lush, with a respectable herb finish leaving you wanting more. I pair this with fish or creamy chicken dishes.  


Spirit of the Month

Just in time for Chinese New Year (February 5, 2019), we are sharing Baijiu (pronounced bye-joe)! This is a high proof white spirit from China, made from grains such as sorghum, rice, millet, wheat and corn, and fermented underground for several months. It is most commonally served neat at room tempature. Be warned, Baijiu is an aquired taste. 

Baijiu Cocktail: Firewater


  • 45 ml Baijiu

  • 15 ml lychee liqueur

  • 20 ml lemon juice

  • 3 drops of Szechuan Pepper tincture

To Make: In a cocktail shaker, add the baijiu, lychee liqueur, lemon juice and tincture. Top with ice and shake until very cold. Stain into a chilled coupette. Garnish with a skewered lychee (optional) and serve with a shot of Baijiu.

Lemongrass Jasmine Iced Tea

Mocktail for non-drinkers and Under 21

We thought the green shade of this drink was perfect for February and Chinese New Year! Jade is a very precious stone in Chinese history, so why not bring a glass of jade to your celebration? 


Muddle 4-5 pieces of cut lemon grass
.5 oz vanilla-infused simple syrup
.5 oz lemon
4 oz jasmine tea
2 oz lychee juice

Directions: Shake with ice. Double Strain into high ball glass. Add cubed ice. Top with crushed ice. Garnish with lemon grass.