Shiraz 95 pts - Organic, Vegan Friendly - Angove Australia 2018

Red Wine of the Month

An immigrant from Cornwall, England, Dr. William Angove established this winery in 1886 as a complement to his medical practice outside Adelaide and prescribed wine to patients as a tonic. My kind of doctor! Today Angove is one of Australia’s biggest family owned wineries, offering well-made wines from across South Australia.


You will find this wine deep red in color with purple hues. It has aromas of raspberry, red cherry and spice. One the palate it has flavors of pepper, chocolate, and soft oak. It has a soft earthy finish that I have come to love in Australian wines. It’s length is moderate and perfect with pork ribs. I am not vegan, but I was told by a vegan friend it went very well with vegan lasagna.  If you like it go ahead and buy a few more. This bottle has a 3-5 year cellar potential.


Pianoro Trebbiano D’Abruzzo ItalianDoc 2018

White Wine of the Month

This wine is a straw yellow, very dry, and aromatic. It comes to us from the Abruzzo mountains in Italy. I find it fresh with a balanced acidity I absolutely love. I am a baked white fish lover and this wine is perfect with the meal. Be certain and chill this wine well before serving. At only $10.00 - $12.00 a bottle I have also served it as an aperitif, and it was well received by all quests. 


Abuzzo is a region of central Italy geographically, but it’s culture, language and history is closely connected with southern Italy. The vines benefit from the “greenest” part of Europe, and the breeze from the Adriatic Sea. Popular dishes in this region are spaghetti, peppers, pork, goose, and lamb. It is no accident that their wines are produced to compliment their most popular dishes. This wine is ready to drink upon purchase. Cheers!


Pennsylvania Pink Catawba

Rosé Wine of the Month 

Review Written by Nicole Montrose.

I was fortunate enough to have a quick trip to Pennsylvania last month (for work, not pleasure). While there, I visited Mount Hope Estates & Winery. I picked up a variety of bottles, but I want to share this particular one with you. 


While this is rosé, it's color hits me as more an orange then a pink or soft red. The aroma is light, playful, like fresh cut fruit. When it first hits the tip of your tongue, it's an explosion of sweet; across the pallet it is pops of sweet with grounding in smooth notes. What I like most is that a sip of Pink Catawba isn't overpowering in either sweetness or a let down in flavor. It's a great choice to serve to friends who are regular wine drinkers or the novice. 

Mount Hope is currently only available for in person purchase in PA. So if you're visiting any time soon, see if your plans bring you close to a store or tasting facility. You can learn more about Mount Hope via their website ( Whenever you can, swing into small, local vineyards and taste what they make. You may find a hidden gem like the Pink Catawba

Coffee Liquor

Cocktail of the Month - Bartenders Root Beer Float

Hot summer nights, outdoor gatherings, and a classic drink just got better! This adult take on a root beer float is simple to make for a gathering of friends or just for yourself. 


  • 1 oz Galliano (or substitute with a vanilla or anise flavored liquor. We used vanilla vodka)

  • 1 oz Coffee Liqueur

  • Top up Coke  or Root Beer

  • 1 Scoop Rum & Raisin Ice Cream


Combine the coffee liqueur and Galliano into a highball glass with the a handful of ice. Give them a good stir until well combined. Add a scoop of the ice cream then top up with the coke.


Blushing Arnold Palmer

Non-alcoholic Drink of the Month

Looking for a simple drink to make at your next cookout? Here's a simple twist on a summer classic: adding a splash of grenadine before serving an Arnold Palmer. 


  • Lemonade 

  • Ice Tea 

  • Grenadine 


In glass of your choosing, add equal parts lemonade and ice tea. Before serving add a splash of grenadine (enough to add color, but not too much that the taste is overwhelming).