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Jim Mongeau


I have lived in RI all my life and presently reside in Cranston.  I became interested in wine with a visit to Seattle, where my wife (Marcia) and I visited many of the tasting rooms in the area. My taste for and interest in wine blossomed from there.  I have since visited the Napa Valley/Sonoma in California, enjoying many vineyards and tasting rooms in the region.  

My favorite class that Marcia teaches is the reds class. A thick, juicy steak and a Cabernet or Syrah is a winning combination. On a summer day sitting out in the backyard, a glass of chilled Chardonnay or Chablis is refreshing. At night while relaxing, a glass or two of Port or Sherry is the way to go.


Robin Patnode 


Robin teaches Vine to Wine classes in Vermont.

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David Valiquette


Hello, I'm Dave. I've lived in Rhode Island for most of my life with the acception of a year I spent roaming around various parts of the U.S. I enjoy traveling whenever possible, meeting new people and learning about wine and spirits. So being a pourer for vine to wine is an opportunity for me to do all of these at once. 

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Denise Mancini


My name is Denise and I am from RI.  I have done some traveling in my life, mostly in the U.S., but have visited France, a short amount of time in Italy and Switzerland.  My initial introduction to wine came from outings and family dinners with the Italian side of my family.  Wine was a staple, but I wasn't really interested in it.  As I got older, I would drink it socially and order a glass with dinner while eating out.  It wasn't until recently that I actually took an interest in learning about it.  I have attended one of Marcia's sweet wine classes and fell in love with dessert wines.  Honestly, prior to that, I hadn't realized there was such a thing.   At this point in my life, I'm excited to learn more, travel more and, of course, drink more. Can't wait to raise a glass (or two) with you! Cheers!


Donna Turner 


 My name is Donna Turner; I’m from Lincoln, RI.  I became interested in wine and Spirits about 17 years ago when I went to California with my best Friend, and we visited the Vineyards. Then I took a course in Bartending. Most recently, I attended a wine tasting at Marcia’s Home. I loved every minute of it! I learned so much about what wines go with which foods. My favorite is the dessert wines. Especially since I bake cakes as a hobby. Right now, my favorite wine is J Lohr Cabernet which will probably change as I learn about the different wines.

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Lisa Freeman


My name is Lisa and I grew up on a lake in central Massachusetts where my affinity for being around water has shaped my life and has become embedded in my spirit!  I am now settled in northern Rhode Island, enjoying the proximity to the ocean, lakes, countryside, cities and family.  I became interested in wines and vineyard-hopping after many trips to Northern California, as well as throughout this small corner of the world known as New England.  

My partner and I even dabbled in making our own wine, but realized that leaving that up to the experts would be best for wine lovers everywhere!  My idea of a perfect evening is sitting by the water, sipping on a smooth glass of Pinot Noir accompanied by cheese and fruit while “solving the world’s problems” with friends.  

I am thrilled with anticipation to work closely with Marcia to expand on my passion for yet unexplored wines and spirits, and to share the knowledge with old friends, and the new friends I have yet to meet.  Is there any better way to imagine spending your time?!

Kevin Bedford


I have called Lincoln, Rhode Island home all my life. I have enjoyed a glass of wine or two since my late twenties. Though still a novice in the World of Wine, my understanding and appreciation of wine has grown since attending several wine tastings in which Marcia hosted. Prior to these Tastings, a fruity white wine was my “go to” wine. Rarely did I step outside this self-imposed “Box” that I placed myself in. Now, thanks to Marcia, I enjoy a rather broad range of wines that continues to grow.

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Vicki Bruno


A proud native Rhode Islander; I grew up in Newport with the America’s Cup Races, the Tall Ships, the Mansions, the Naval War College and all the majestic history.  It was such a wonderful, diverse time in my life, as were the many years I lived and worked in Providence, and, for the past 20 years, calling North Smithfield my home.  

I guess that is why I was so intrigued when my college roommate, Marcia, introduced me to her passion and extensive knowledge of wines.  There is so much to learn and appreciate about the history and world of wine!  Chardonnay and Pinot Noir were always my go-to wines, but no longer!  There is a vast world out there of diverse, amazing wines and I am thrilled that Marcia invited me to join her on this journey.  It’s time for you to take the leap.  I promise that you will be enriched and fulfilled beyond your dreams!  

Charlotte Clark


I have lived in Lincoln, RI most of my life. I have recently become interested in wine and am excited about this new experience. I look forward to the adventure of traveling to wine regions, discovering new wines, and meeting new people. 


Brittany Lainhart


My name is Brittany and I am from R.I. but have lived all over the East Coast, recently moving back from Jacksonville, Florida.  I've always been creative and I started bartending because I like being able to make people happy with some concoction I've created. It's nice to receive positive feedback for my own recipes.  I like wine, mostly whites, but I don't have a favorite.   I'm more of a champagne girl; Veuve Clicquot is my favorite one to splurge on. When it comes to pairing, my favorite is the timeless wine and cheese with assorted fruit and nuts.  I don't like to stay in one place for too long and have mostly traveled up and down the East Coast.  I look forward to learning more and traveling more as a pourer for Vine to Wine. 

Nicole Bernier

Associate & Website Designer 

I am originally from Alaska, currently living in Utah. I became interested in wine when I lived in Europe. I have visited a few private wineries in Europe and in New England. My absolute favorite wine is an ice wine; if I’m not drinking it, I’m giving it as a gift! Marcia’s dessert wine is my favorite class to attend; who wouldn’t love learning the perfect wine pairings for cupcakes? The best way to enjoy a class (or bottle) of wine is with friends discussing the hot topics of the day.

Lori Turner


I am a native Rhode Islander that has always loved to create, draw and paint.  Several years ago I was given a camera and a vacation and my love for photography began.  Slowly my hands began to age, quicker than me so my painting and drawing were not as attainable anymore.  I turned to my camera more and found I was still able to be creative I just had to adjust my direction.  My love for flowers and nature allows me to capture and share what I find beautiful.  Although it is not my career, it is my hobby and passion; I hope my works bring joy to others.


Jessica Moran


I have lived in Rhode Island my whole life. I am originally from Lincoln but have also lived in Smithfield and currently reside in the Pascoag section of Burrillville with my husband and children. I started drinking mixed drinks with a preference to rum based drinks -- why is the rum always gone. I have come to appreciate different wines as my tastes have evolved. I prefer sweet whites as reds do not agree with me. I attended Marcia's Sweet White class and fell in love with a late harvest Topaz from the Roche Vineyard in California. I do like to make my own Sangria by mixing a nice white with spirits and whatever else sounds good. I haven't traveled extensively but when I do venture afar I try to sample local wines and bring home some favorites. I think the best way to enjoy wine is sharing with good friends around a fire.


Vincent Mancini 


Feather Lineation:

In creating art I attempt to interpret spirit and energy through a process called feather lineation. The process involves delineating an image by arranging segments of cut feathers in a geometric pattern. The geometric patterns, texture and color of the feathers produce a visual effect that symbolises spirit and energy.

The decision to use feathers derives from the significance they hold in many cultures throughout the world. For instance, American Indians use them for ceremonial purposes and are a manifestation of their spiritual connection to nature. There is the winged angel in Christianity and not least of all the energy feathers produce to power flight. They are also used in numerous cultures for decoration, fashion and personal adornment.

I use, in most instances, feathers that have been naturally moulted in reverence to the age old native tradition of using natural, raw materials to create art and for ceremonial purposes.