Putney MountainWinery of Vermont-Simply Cranberry

Red Wine of the Month 

This Review was written by Nicole Montrose of Vine to Wine. 

We are entering the season of family gatherings, rich food, and good wine. But what do you do if wine made from grapes makes you itchy? Yep, there are people out there that cannot drink wine from grapes because of negative physical reactions. However, there is no need to mourn for us, because there are options! A perfect non-grape selection for Thanksgiving is the Simply Cranberry wine from Putney Mountain Winery.


I love cranberries. I love them as a sauce, in bake goods, and as a healthy, crunchy snack. Simply Cranberry brings all the good things I love to their wine. It has a sweet start and a tart bite that lingers. If cranberry sauce fits into your Thanksgiving dinner, then this will fit as well. 

An added bonus is that this translates well into dessert. I paired Simply cranberry with the cranberry walnut cluster from Concetta's Chocolates. The dried cranberries were brought back to life with the flavor from the wine. The chocolate rounds-off the bitter bite at the end of each sip making the wine smoother. To top it off, the walnut cuts the overall sweetness, making these the perfect pair for each other. 


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White Wine of the Month

Check back for our review! 

Vespertino Tequila Crema

Cocktail of the Month - The Irish Cactus 

We are not a big tequila group, but Vespertino tequila crema will be part of our home bar for the rest of our days! 

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Nonalcoholic Beverage of the Month 

Check back soon for a recipe that's for everyone! No ID required! 


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