We Will Not Give Up

Small Businesses will not be Stopped by COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought our towns and cities to a halt. We want to make sure our small and locally owned businesses are here when this crisis is over. Below you will find a list of ways you can help your community. We've broken the ideas down into three categories: free, monetary, and community unity. Let us know which ideas you tried out and how your community is holding up. 

Free Support

If your income is at risk, you can still be a supporter of small business. Here are some free ways you can help: 

  • Share local Business on social media

    • Promote products/services you love. ​

    • React and comment on posts. 

    • Watch live events and host watch parties on Facebook. 

    • Leave reviews on Yelp, Open Table, Google, etc. 

    • Leave encourage comments. 


Monetary Support

If you are lucky enough to have an income, please consider supporting small business first. Here's some ways you can help out: 

  • Do your Christmas, birthday, and other present shopping now. 

    • Pro Tip: create a spreadsheet with the names and gifts you have bought so you don't forget what you bought. ​

  • Buy a gift card from your favorite small business now and spend it later in the year (preferably in the fourth quarter). ​

  • If you join a free class online, consider donating. Even a $1 helps a small business. 

  • If your event/service/class is cancelled, consider donating the cost of the ticket back to the small business. 

  • Many businesses are doing creative campaigns; join in! See some of our partners campaigns below. 

  • See if a local business is offering curbside pickup or will mail you an order. 

  • Before you go to the large online retailers, try to order from local business.

Community Unity

Many of our neighbors are out of work. Those of us that are lucky enough to still have an income can do little things to keep our neighborhoods strong: 

  • Hire a neighbor to be a tutor or child care helper. 

  • Instead of taking your care to a self wash, see if a neighbor can detail your car. 

  • Anyone in your area able to do yard work? 

  • Let your neighbors know you're here to help: 

  • Use chalk to leave positive messages around your neighborhood. ​

  • If you're sick, please stay home.

  • Be patient.

    • We are all trying our best, let's be kind with everyone.​


Support Our Partners

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 3.47.03 PM.png

noon Design

Noon has opened their doors (with changes to protect all from Covid-19). Free delivery is also available for their regularly stocked items. 


Brown & Hopkins Country Store

Since most of us are stuck inside, Brown & Hopkins is offering to send you a care package. Order yours or buy a gift card here.


Concetta's Chocolate

If you need chocolate for a sweet treat during your social distancing, reach out to Concetta's Chocolate. You can also get a delicious, homemade meat pie. Connect with them here


Aster Brook Soap

Astor Brook Soap is offering delivery! Buy your soap, bug spray, and more from a Astor Brook here.